A look into the non-obvious but high impact solutions to social and economic inequality

A Grassroots, Local-First Look at the people, organizations, and policies that can drive real change from the ground up

Welcome to The Trim Tab by me, MJ Kim. Muhammad Yunus is my hero. I believe that continuous learning, knowledge share and systems thinking can help drive real change in achieving social reform and economic equality.

Here is what you can expect:

The Trim Tab covers 3 main areas to inform those who want to do good for their community:

  • Daily - Curations of interesting and high-need projects / volunteering opportunities to let you know how you, as an individual, can lend your skills and resources to do good (because small change is better than no change)

  • Weekly* - Spotlight and research into a person, community, idea or organization that is doing good and/or has the potential for high impact long-term

  • Monthly* - A person’s library (similar to their music collections) is like a window into their soul. Every month, I get a bit more personal with a ‘book club’ of sorts that focuses on topics that interest me: economics, systems thinking, and appreciation for oft under-appreciated aspects of modern culture and history (Think Stiglitz, Senge, and Twitty to name a few)

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